The Cadet Program is now taking enrolments!

Australian Trade College North Brisbane’s (ATCNB) Cadet Program is a unique one semester program that provides Year 10 students with the opportunity to get hands on experience in a range of trade subject areas and make an informed choice about a preferred pathway for Years 11 and 12! The Cadet Program is ideal for students who may already have an interest in a specific trade area, as well as those students who aren’t sure about what trade pathway they want to pursue. Cadets get to experience an extensive range of ATCNB’s trade offerings and find out what it would be like to pursue a career in their trade area of choice.

How does the Cadet Program work?

Commencing annually in semester 2, the Cadet Program combines literacy and numeracy academic education with a rotation of trade studies and work experience in fields such as automotive, beauty, carpentry, commercial cookery, electrotechnology, fabrication, metal fitting and plumbing. Cadet students are enrolled full time at ATCNB and will complete the program throughout the entire duration of semester 2.

Who is eligible for the Cadet Program?

To be eligible to participate in the Cadet Program, students must be 15 years of age, or turning 15 during the course of the program. Further eligibility criteria may apply.

What are the benefits of the Cadet Program?

The Cadet Program provides Year 10 students with a unique opportunity to get a head start in pursuing a trade career. For those students who aren’t sure about what career pathway they may want to pursue, the Cadet Program provides them with the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ in a range of trade areas and really experience what it would be like to work in the industry. And for those students who already have an idea about the pathway they want to pursue, the Cadet Program provides an excellent platform for them to get started! The Cadet Program includes periods of structured work experience, ensuring that students can experience what it’s really like in the workplace and understand the expectations of employers. At the completion of the Cadet Program, students will be equipped with the knowledge and experience to make an informed decision about which trade area they want to pursue in Years 11 and 12.

What happens at the completion of the Cadet Program?

Students who successfully complete the Cadet Program will be offered continuing enrolment for Year 11 at ATCNB in the trade area of their choosing, providing the best platform to continue to work towards building their career and become ‘work ready’.

How much is the Cadet Program?

The Cadet Program is available at a cost of $2,100 ($1,050 per term) plus an application and admissions fee of $95.00


Want to know more?

To find out more about the Cadet Program, or to register your interest for this year’s program, contact us or phone 07 3880 4331Find out more about this program at our next event.

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