Are there Government incentives available for employers who take on a School based apprentice?

For eligible employers there are incentives available. For more information please refer to this website.

Do I (the employer) have to take out insurance cover and/or pay the students when they are at work?

This depends on if you have the student for work experience or for paid work.
While on work experience at a place of employment, students from the Australian Trade College North Brisbane are covered by the school’s insurance, and therefore are not permitted to be paid for work.

When a student is taken on as a paid apprentice they are covered by employer's workers' compensation insurance and are entitled to the pay and conditions outlined in the relevant award.

I have one of your students at my business and I would like to sign them up as apprentice/trainee, what should I do?

If you’re looking to take one of our students on as an apprentice or trainee, please contact our reception on 07 3880 4331 who will put you in touch with the right people.

Am I able to take a student on for a trial before signing them up as an apprentice?

Through the work experience program, you are able to work with a student to see if they fit into the workplace before taking them on as an apprentice in your business.

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